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For Sellers
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For Sellers

  Mortgage and Lien Information to Order Payoffs
If there is a mortgage on your home (including any Home Equity Lines of Credit) or other liens, we will need the name and contact information for your lender(s) or lien holders along with the corresponding loan or other identifying number(s) so that we may order payoff information as soon as possible. We will also need your written authorization to obtain lien payoff information.
  Seller's Written Authorization to Release and Cancel - Form
Before your lender will provide us with your payoff information, we'll need your written authorization. The Sellers Authorization to Release and Cancel Form authorizes Realty Title to request and obtain your lien payoff information. It also instructs your lender to close any revolving credit loan (if applicable) and release the lien after they receive the payoff amount. Please download, sign and return this form to us either through your realtor or to us directly. (Note: For security purposes, please only reference the last 4 digits of your social security number. If we find your lender requires more information to order your payoff, we'll contact you.).
  Homeowner's Association Contact Information
If your neighborhood has a Homeowner's Association, we'll need the name and contact information for the company or individual that manages the association.
  Help in Identifying Potential Title Problems Early to Avoid Delays
If this sale involves an estate, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, or a mobile home, please notify our office as soon as possible. Additional information may be necessary. In fact, to help us better identify (and avoid) these and any other potential title problems, you may choose to complete and return our Seller's Information Sheet. Simply complete the form and forward it on to your realtor and/or Realty Title as soon as possible. (The use of this form isn't a requirement, but we've found that it helps us identify possible 'red flags' early on in the closing process, which helps avoid unnecessary and potentially costly delays to your closing.).
  Seller's Information Sheet - Form
To help us better identify (and avoid) potential title problems and/or delays to your closing, you may choose to complete and return our Seller's Information Sheet. Simply complete the form and forward it on to your realtor and/or Realty Title directly as soon as possible.
  Copy of Your Previous Owner's Policy for Discount
If your contract includes the standard provision stating that you, as the seller, are required to pay for the new buyer's owner's title insurance policy, you may be able to save some money. Just provide us with a copy of your current "Owner's Title Insurance Policy" (issued within the last 10 years) before we start the search process and you may qualify for up to 30% discount on the premium. (Note: Your previous closing company would have probably mailed your Owner's Title Insurance Policy to you shortly after closing along with your original, recorded Warranty Deed to the property. Owner's Policies are usually 3-4 pages long with an 'official looking' jacket stating "Owner's Policy of Title Insurance" on the front.).
  Remember to Bring Your Photo Identification to Closing
For the protection of all parties in this transaction, our underwriters require a current driver's license or other government-issued identification at closing.
  If You Want Your Seller's Proceeds Wired
For a fee, your seller's proceeds may be wired to your bank account after closing. To do so, Realty Title will need your written wiring instructions with your name, address as it reads on your account, your bank name and address, your account number and the bank's routing number.
  Be Aware of Any Special Requirements You May Have as a Seller
If the contract of sale specifies that you are to provide certain items to your buyer, we suggest you make arrangements as soon as you can. If a realtor represents you, he or she will help guide you through the process. We also suggest that you ask your realtor about any other seller requirements you may have for closing.