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Consumer Information

Would you like to learn more about real estate title and escrow services or have questions about a particular topic? Click on any area of our reference section below to learn more.
  Title Insurance
Learn what title insurance is, the types of policies, the cost, and reasons why you need it.

Real Estate Title and Closing Information Guide
  Title Search
Find out more about what is involved in a title search.
  Real Estate Closing Process
Articles on how to prepare, refinance closing and closing documents.
Taxpayer's Guide: A helpful brochure for Tennesseans buying property already under greenbelt status, or acquiring more than 15 acres not already under greenbelt status.
Glossary of Title & Closing Terms
  Download ALTA's Brochure - Why Do I Need Title Insurance? (PDF File - 564 KB)
Explanation of how title insurance works to protect home ownership.
  Download ALTA's Brochure - Ask About Title Insurance? (PDF File - 464 KB)
Explanation of what a title search is, what an owner's policy is and due diligence in the title search.
  Download HUD's Brochure - Don't Be a Victim of Loan Fraud. (PDF File - 51 KB)
For more information on protecting yourself from predatory lending read our FAQ about protecting yourself from loan fraud and visit HUD's web site for further explanation of predatory lending and 11 tips on being a smart consumer.
  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released a new report about the consumer mortgage shopping experience, along with a new Owning a Home Toolkit. This latest CFPB report reveals that nearly half of homebuyers do not shop around for a mortgage.

The report, "Consumers' mortgage shopping experience", also shows that informed consumers are more likely to shop, especially if they're familiar with mortgage rates. With this in mind, the CFPB has created an Owning a Home Toolkit as part of its Know Before You Owe initiative. This suite of tools is designed to empower homebuyers by walking them through start to closing.

  Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure
Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? Learn more about how to help yourself avoid foreclosure.