Do you love your local Realty Title peeps? Is it our awesome customer service?
Do you love the convenience of our branch locations, or maybe it is all of the above? Let us know!

Dear Realty Title, I just wanted to let you know what exceptional service received each and every time I have closed with Cheri Bayer at Realty Title. I just recently had a very difficult contract to close and Cheri helped me through it every step of the way. I will even go as far to say that it may not have closed without all her hard work. She got my clients to the table and made it as pleasant as possible. I will continue to use Realty Title because of Cheri. She is just wonderful!


Crye-Leike Agent - Mt. Juliet Office

Thank you for the painless signing/closing yesterday! I am so glad I did not cry! I paid both loan accounts so they are up to date! I appreciate all you have done for me and especially your kindess and compassion in dealing with me. It has been an emotional and difficult process for me but you have made it much easier!


Mt. Juliet Realty Title

Cheri, I just wanted to say thank you for another closing. You were awesome! I especially liked how you reminded the seller of all their discounts. You did it with ease and professionalism. Hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve it!"

Julie Butler

Crye-Leike Agent- Mt. Juliet Office

We want to take a moment and thank you for your courtesy and professional approach that you showed Jackie and I today. We have been to several closings as sellers and buyers and I must say that you were flawless in your actions. You were clear and concise in guiding us through this sale. It was the best and most impressive closing we have ever been involved in.

Wayne Wilson

Client - Brentwood Office

Cheri, I want to take this time to thank you for the professional way you handled my most recent closing. The client was well along in years, but you took the time to thoroughly explain each document, so she understood what she was signing. At the end, she was receiving funds and was concerned, but you made certain the correct routing of those funds was in place so she would not fret. Great job and thanks again.

Bill Lawrence

C-L Mt. Juliet -

Hello Cheri, Gail and Jason,Thank you for all your help with our closings this year. I look back on the closings you did for Bill and I. All Sellers and Buyers were very pleased with your services. Each closing you did for us was professional, friendly and made our clients feel at ease. They felt at ease because you did a professional job and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable in a friendly way. You all took the tension off of them and that says a lot. We are not Top Producers, but we don't do bad either. With your help, we had a great year. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE. Thank you!

Dee Lawrence

C-L Mt. Juliet -

Julie Dyess was patient and thorough. She walked me through each page of the closing. I fully understood what is expected of me as a new home owner. This closing experience has been amazing! I left feeling calm and at peace about my new purchase.


Your Realty Title Experience: Peeps always strive to perform regardless of the circumstances. They work hard!

Harold Whittaker

C-L Brentwood -

We started using Realty Title due to a couple of our builders having relationships with the Smyrna, TN office. I appreciate the quick responses and solid job that the Smyrna office does.

Brad Houser

Bank Tennessee -

I was very pleased with the refinance of my home with Tonja Cox. She was very professional and made sure I understood everything I was signing. Tonja was also very helpful with answering any questions I may have had that I did not understand. The overall experience was a great experience and I was very pleased with my visit to the office!!!

Carla R. Roberts

Homeowner/Customer -

All the folks at Realty Title have helped my clients out numerous times over the past several years. I can count at least 5 transactions that would have not closed if it hadn't been for the hard work and diligence of the Realty Title staff. My clients (and my business) thank you!

Nathan Fay

C-L Smyrna -

Jason, you are very welcome! Thank you again for your assistance and professionalism in handling my client's closing as well as going out of the way to ensure everything reached my office. You and the team there simply rock! Happy Holidays!


C-L -

As a new agent I am so grateful to the wonderful people of Realty Title. No matter how busy they are they always take the time to answer my questions immediately and so that I understand them. As a Crye-Leike agent we are so blessed to be affilated with Realty Title.

Alicia Deeds

C-L Franklin - Cool Springs -

I had my first closing with Realty Title and it went as easy as it could be. No problems, great communications from everyone. Thank you.

James Horn

C-L East Brainerd -

I would like to thank Shannon and Meredith for a job well done towards the handling of my closings. They always demonstrate professionalism in their handling of the files and dealings with my clients and customers. Just recently she made my client in Indiana feel "important" and comfortable because his closing was "hassle free". Meredith found a title company there in Indiana where he could go and sign his part in the comfort of an office setting and not have to hurry to FEDEX documents. He expressed his gratitude and I shared it with Meredith and Shannon. That is the type of customer service I am accustomed to providing and the Title company is a direct reflection of the agent's capability to get "WOW!" response. Thank you again Realty Title for a job well done!

Pat Ford Davis


I felt I must take this opportunity to tell you what a superb office Realty Title has in Columbia, TN. I have been a broker for 42 years and have closed transactions with many different title companies. Shannon Sylvester and Meredith Bauerle make a great team. There is no one better at closings than Shannon and Meredith is so hardworking and thorough in everything she does. I know my clients will have a wonderful closing with them and that makes all of us look good. I can certainly attest that they do everything possible to help all of us and it is a sincere pleasure being able to work with them.

Sally Woodard

Crye-Leike, Realtors

Each time we close the closing agent has carefully and considerately gone over the paperwork with the buyer and sellers. It is professional and considerate and greatly appreciated by agent. Thank you

Michelle Ruest

C-L Downtown

Realty Title is the easiest title firm, if something needs to be changed they handle it, and the convenience of having them in our office makes closings so convenient, it allows me to handle real estate work right up until the closing without losing any efficiency time!

Jennifer Newton

C-L Downtown

I'm new to Crye-leike and have a million questions. The team here at the downtown office are so super supportive and quick with responses. Thank you so much!

Rachel Ford

C-L Downtown

YES I love Realty Title and try to give them all the business I can! Why wouldn't I!!!! They are professional, convenient, and have always gone the extra mile!

Kathy Tucker

C-L Hixson

After 23 years in the business of selling Real Estate, I have seen many Title Companies come and go. These have proven they are here to stay. Never have heard one complaint from my clients and customers, not even from those who complain a lot. Great Job Realty Title!!

KRobert Badgley

C-L Hixson

Very easy going during closing. Great people to work with in the chattanooga downtown location.

Debbie Raines

No longer with C-L

So convenient! friendly staff! gets the job done! keeps me informed. GOOD JOB !!

Lu Farmer

C-L Hixson

All the ladies at Realty Title from processor, to closing agent to in-house attorney have always answered my questions, run numbers for me and had everything go so smoothly at the closing table that I will always recommend Realty Title to my clients. They are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and completely support my business. I have also used them for my own personal property closings.

Kathy Mittelstadt

C-L Hixson

Realty Title opened their Chattanooga doors in 2002 and you might say, they had me at Hello! I started giving RT business for two reasons, 1) they were affiliated with CL (and we all want to make HC happy) & 2) Marlyn Gadd's excellent reputation & her many years of closing experience. Marlyn Gadd, Gloria Jones, Amanda Kee & the entire Hixson Office continue to make me proud as well as WOW my clients with their exceptional service and knowledge. I have enjoyed working with several of the other RT offices & closers as well (EB's Beth & Lisa) and they have all maintained the professional, upbeat & caring personalities in their closing rooms & even outside their closing rooms. RT's staff has gone with me to closings whether it being a Dr that absolutely could not get away from the hospital or a client that physically was unable to make the trip. They not only think outside the box but go outside the box when needed. Understanding the needs of Realtors, the RT gang make ! themselves available late into the evening hours, weekends and even share their cell numbers while trying to have family or vacation time. An agent once asked me why I fight so hard to have my closings with RT & I replied that when I have clients that do not deserve The Best, then I'll agree to have closings outside RT! Happy Birthday RT - so happy that you are part of our lives making our jobs smoother & easier closing by closing.

Darlene Seay

C-L Downtown

I would never closed the transaction of 20105 River Canyon Rd if it would be another Title company. I had the Buyer in Singapore, his lender in Florida, and in addition the buyer's friend had to come to the closing from Arizona and needed a POA. Hixson office Peeps went above and beyond helping my client. We closed on time! We are all blessed to have such a great, knowledgeable and hard working people in Hixson Office.

Lucy Patterson

C-L Hixson

I have worked with the ladies at Realty Title for 8 years. I can't say enough good things about this group at the Hixson office . Every closing is done in a very professional manor and they always go above and beyond any expectations.

Debra Loomis

C-L Hixson

Let me tell you about our Realty Title Office located in our Hixson Office. First of all we are so fortunate to have them just next door. The entire staff goes beyond the call of duty when we need help. I have had them to stay until after 9:30 P. M. on a closing that the bank had messed up on getting approved and a package to them. They are truly the BEST.

Barbara Ashby

C-L Hixson

I have been using Realty Title, Hixson for a dozen years. I try my best to bring all my title work there, because Marlyn and the rest of the team are phenomenal. Not only do I get great personal service but the level of expertise is unmatched in the region. Recently I have two transactions that posed challenging issues and we were able to salvage what could have been disasters. I love having a competent closer, solid admin staff, title underwriting and a great attorney all fifty feet from my own desk. If it were up to me, all my closings would be at Realty Title Hixson.

Kenny Fleshman

C-L Hixson

Marlyn and her staff are always willing to go the extra mile for me and my clients. Their service is exemplary and always delivered with a smile regardless of how difficult the transaction is.

Karen Rhodes

Happy Home Realty

I work with Realty Title - Hixson every chance I get. The whole crew is top notch and they bend over backward with all the crazy situations that come up. I can call or go to the office and never feel like I'm bothering them. They do a great job for me and my clients and their hard work is very appreciated!

David Kilgore

C-L Hixson

I Am writing today in honor of 30 years(STRONG) of Realty Title. Realty Title provides consistent superior service. As a Realtor for many years I have been involved with the transactions that have been more complex with the shifting economy. The title services Industry has experienced the same scale of difficulty. We have all pulled together and made it into a learning curve(Successfully). I have entrusted Realty Title with my business from foreclosures, short-sales, property transfers and the most common for me--Residential and Commercial Sales. Realty title has valued each person with loyalty, sincerity, and compassion. If it were a short-sale or a everyday Residential Sale, from across the table everyone is treated the same with Professionalism. Realty title has always shown me gratitude and respect for any business that I have provided for my clients. Realty Title furnishes my clients with prompt accurate well qualified/superior level of service which exemplifies Professionalism. An enormous and gratifying THANK YOU goes out to: Amanda, Marlyn, Gloria, Judy, Christina, and Pat J. at the Hixson location for ensuring me a successful closing each and every-time.

Louise Cowart

C-L Hixson

We have the best Team here in Clarksville at Realty Title in the world. They go way beyond The call of duty for us. Thank You!.

Richard Moreno

C-L Clarksville - Sango

I have worked with Deanna and Aric for many years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Great customer service and always flexible. I look forward to sending more business to them in 2015!!

Dawn Hutton

First State bank

I love our Realty Title crew in Dickson Tn. Deanna Wood and Aric Hinson do a fantastic job and always keep us informed throughout the closing process. They are also a great support on a daily basis for questions ect., Not sure what we would do without them!

Jon Stevens

C-L Dickson

We know before we go everything will be handled smoothly, whether we are able to attend closing or not! We are SPOILED by our Dickson Realty Title Office!

Pam Redden

C-L Dickson

I have closed with many title companies in my real estate career and none have ever compared to Realty Title. I can't say that I have ever had a bad experience with them. Aric Hinson and Deanna Wood are truly on top of their game!

Charles Lashlee

C-L Dickson

All of people that I work with are so very impressed with the professionalism of Realty Title /Dickson. They actually tell people how easy it is to close with them. They also have a certain peace of mind knowing that they can ask questions and have a real attorney to answer them.

David Whitesell

C-L Dickson

My experience with Realty title was by far better than I could have imagined. The process was seamless and stress free. I want to bring special recognition to Deanna Wood, our closing agent. She was fabulous to work with, and got our closing scheduled 2 days after I was approved. Customer service like this Shows the strength of the company, and ensures that I will do business with Realty title again. Thank you for the great experience!

Brittany Threet

Zander Insurance Group

Deanna Wood and Aric Hinson are the best Realty Title officers. They run a tight ship and are extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of closings. The proximity to the office (same building) is a huge plus. Their smiles and cheerful attitude rubs off on even the crankiest old battle ax (woman) or grumpy old codger (man). they are cool as a cucumber when under pressure and they still smile for the clients. They deserve the award as they are also maintaining a 80 something retention rate. No one can hold a candle to them. They are just finer than frog hair split four ways and sandpapered. This really will be an easy contest to judge because no one is as good as this team.

David Whitesell

C-L Dickson

I am the OA for the Crye-Leike Dickson Office and always let agents know how much easier it is to close with Realty Title. Deanna Wood and Aric Hinson in the Dickson Realty Title Office are fantastic, always there to answer any questions and making sure that when it comes time to close, they have everything they need. When it's time to send everything to accounting, there is never any question because they know exactly what is required. Deanna and Aric ROCK!!!!!

Carmen Holland

C-L Dickson

I have been working with Realty Title for almost four years and each and every closing has been such a remarkable and pleasurable experience. My clients always talk about how at ease Andrea Broadway makes them feel and how well she explains the process and the myriad of forms they have to sign. Many times Andrea has helped me pull a deed copy, before I write an offer, to be sure there will be no unexpected surprises. Her knowledge of the industry has been an immense help with my sales as well. The team at Realty Title gets 5 stars from me and I recommend them to everyone I know.

Michael Domeck

C-L Cleveland

I just appreciate the fact that Realty Title is right next to our office and we can walk in for help and know that they will be there for us. They keep us updated on any changes by attending our sales meeting and I appreciate that also. Thanks Realty Title.

Janice Robertson

C-L Ooltewah

I love working with Realty Title. We work as a great team getting files ready to close. I know I can count on a HUD in advance of closings and if I ever need anything signed at closing it gets done! I love working with all the ladies at Realty Title! They are so pleasant and helpful to work with.

Jennifer Dooley

Mortgage Investors Group

I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone at Realty Title. I have been a LO for 30+ years and I now work in a Crye-Leike Office and I feel like a part of their team! We all work together to bring together a smooth closing. They help me all the time on the front end as well. They are the BEST at getting us our HUDs on time and being ready. Very professional and cannot say enough about what their freindship means to me - aside from the exceptional service they provide!

Debby Daniels

Mortgage Investors Group

Realty Title has always exceeded my expectation and ensured that the Closing Package was ready early along with the Wiring Instructions. It's great to always have laughs and smiles with happy clients closing on time - hassle free! Thank you!

Jason Bailey

Mortgage Investors Group

I have had many clients purchase new homes or re-fi using Realty Title for their closing needs. The staff at Realty Title (especially the Hixson location) are simply the best! They are always on top of things, communicate well and most importantly are courteous and professional. I have also personally closed with Realty Title on several occasions and things always run smoothly due to their fine staff. Kudos on turning 30! I look forward to working with Realty Title for many more years to come.

Eric Kee

ES Brooks & Associates

I am a loan closer here at Mortgage Investors Group in Knoxville, TN. I work with many title companies, day in day out, all year long. I am familiar with many of them, and each elicits a different internal response from me when I see them attached to a file I am working on. These internal responses range anywhere from happiness, to ambivalence, to full on dread, as some title companies are simply better than others. When I see Realty Title on my paperwork, my reaction is one of comfort. I know things will go as smoothly as they possibly can in our tumultuous world of 'on the fly' changes when I am working with them. Always courteous, knowledgeable and timely in their actions, Realty Title gives me a sense that things will work out just fine. A feeling I just do not get from a significant percentage of their competitors.

Manning Jenkins

Mortgage Investors Group

Relationships are very much a key element in the real estate business. So it's great to have such a good working relationship with an agency I can trust. With their proactivity, knowledge and experience, Realty Title is able to anticipate and successfully avoid potential obstacles, which could potentially delay the closing. I recommend Realty Title to my clients because I can personally testify from experience of their incredible work ethic, reliability and knowledge. I know my clients have the best! Realty Title is a major player on my 'team' and no doubt play a key role in my success!

Diane S.

Agent -

From top to bottom - attorneys to receptionists - the Realty Title staff are professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile, especially during a difficult closing transaction. And, my clients and I enjoy the convenience of the different offices. Realty Title makes my life easier.

Roxanne M.

Agent -

Thanks for a job well done 'thank you for all of your help towards closing the transaction. Great Job!

Pat F.

Agent -

We use Realty Title for many reasons. Chief of which is their eagerness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Realty Title staff does more for us than any other firm we have ever used. In addition, it is certainly true that 'time is money'. And, certainly the convenience of Realty Title gives us more time. We only have to make one call and know the rest is taken care of. We value the peace of mind that comes from using Realty Title!

Barbara P. and Sue T.

Agents -

The staff at Realty Title is wonderful. They are always accommodating and friendly when I call. Most of all, they get my loans closed hassle free.

Dian S.

Agent -

Realty Title has always been very efficient and accommodating, not only to me but to my clients. I can always depend on them. They are the best!

Charyl D.

Agent -

I use Realty Title because they are dedicated to outstanding service, hassle-free closings and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Vicki B.

Agent -

It is always gratifying to assist in the closing of a successful sale as well as provide the type of service that makes the closing process a pleasant experience for buyers and sellers. I want to you for helping to achieve that goal. I also want to complement you on your professional service. I've had great success in all Realty Title Offices and am happy to recommend your company to all my customers.

Tim R.

Mortgage Consultant -

I appreciate your thoroughness, attention, and explanation for my client. The recent death of her husband and her own medical conditions have been difficult lately and you helped tremendously

Cheryl F.

Agent -

It's always a pleasure doing business with Realty Title because you are efficient, personable, and always ready to make an extra effort to help out your 'crazed' realtors.

Kathy R.

Agent -

I appreciate the patience and care each of you shared with me as well as my seller.

Torya M.

Agent -

You and everyone in the office were a pleasure to work with.

Brian W.

Agent -

I am so blessed not only to have worked with you, but to call you my friends.

Fran W.

Agent -

The professionalism, kindness, and helpfulness shown by Sandy Carpenter made everything so easy.

Elaine D.

Agent -

As usual, your professional, quick response in addition to your thorough knowledge made a 'negative' turn into a 'positive'. Always going above and beyond should be your company office motto!


Agent -

There are several reasons I use and refer my clients to Realty Title. The convenience factor cannot be beat and I value the Realty Title staff's personable caring attitude.

Fran M.

Agent -

Realty Title is simply the best! They make my job easier, and as part of my team, they make me look good! I know all the bases will be covered in an efficient and professional manner by the staff. My clients always come away from a closing having had a pleasant and positive experience.

Clara Y.

Agent -

I use Realty Title because of the wonderful chemistry that exists between its staff, my clients, and me. Recent employee additions at Realty Title have brought great people on board that always go the extra mile to work with my clients and me. They know the meaning of customer service!

Josie R.

Managing Broker Austin Peay -

I'm always thrilled when I can put your company's name on a contract because I know my clients and I will always get the best and most friendly service.

Marcia H.

Agent -

My client felt as though you really listened and understood him.


Agent -

Thank you for everything you did for us while we were getting everything ready for closing day. It made it all easier for me knowing I had someone so nice and helpful just a phone call away.

Beverly T.

Client -

Sean Collins is a real asset for Realty Title. He goes out of his way to help us with our legal questions. Sean is always on call for us. He even gave us his cell number in case we need him on the weekends!

Cheryl D.

Agent -

I am an old woman on a fixed income. Recently, I had to sell my home of 57 years. Michael Acree was my attorney. He did a fine job and took care of me. He was very patient and understanding. Please thank him for an old woman. Suzanne too.

Nellie W.

Client -

Lyle performs beyond my expectations, he is great. He closed a deal for me at 6:00AM!

Josie R.

Agent -

Your kind spirit just makes everything go nicely.

Elaine D.

Agent -

You make me look good!

Sherry R.

Agent -

Olive Branch location is professional, friendly, and definitely goes the extra miles!

Janna G.

Agent -

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how helpful your staff was in the closing of my property. I have been in the business world for many years and their desire to be courteous, honest, and thorough regardless of the circumstances was a breath of fresh air. They are all to be commended and would be considered an asset to any company in my opinion.

Barbara R.

Client -

Thank you again for the wonderful service and friendship I received from you and the closing agency. It was indeed a pleasure to do business with people that seem to enjoy their jobs and seem to care about the people they do business with - it is not often that you find that.

Brenda B.

Client -

Had a closing where the buyer could not make regular office hours. Sean Collins, attorney at the Forest hill Irene Germantown location, stayed late to accommodate her. Our town was also under a tornado warning and the office had already been Evacuated! Mr. Collins and I stayed, closed the deal and made one client super happy!

Carri Lyons

C-L Germantown - Forest Hill Irene

I have had so many great Realty Title Experiences. The Realty Title Peeps are the best ever and go the Extra Mile for our Agents & Clients. Zoe Harrison Marshall has been at the office at 6:30am closing a client who could be there at no other time. She has also aided in more than one calming of a client with her calm steady tone and endless smiles and answers to their questions, fears, etc. ZOE ROCKS.

Vicki Blackwell

C-L Olive Branch

The customer service at Realty Title Collierville is AWESOME! Marilyn, Linda and Denise are all so kind, very knowledgeable and willing to help with anything! I thoroughly enjoy working with all of these ladies at my closings! They make them smooth and enjoyable for all involved!'

Stephanie Fowler

C-L Collierville

I had a client closing go wrong in every possible way at the end of the road. Less than a week before closing, a lien on the property from the US Government showed up on the property! Although a BIG mistake - which had nothing to do with the property or owner of the property - Sean and Betty at Realty Title were able to get in touch with the attorney general and have him sign off on a release within 24 hours of finding the lien! This owner had been trying to remove the lien since 2004, and Sean did it in 24 hours! You guys are amazing!!

Hamza Ibrahim

C-L Germantown

From listing to closing I have 100% confidence that Realty Title will get the job done and will consistently provide top notch service to me and to my clients. Having direct access to the best attorney in Memphis Real Estate, Angie Rowland, gives my clients peace of mind when buying or selling and the service provided to them is untouchable. The processor, Lauri Smith, helps once the contract has been submitted, but before a contract or listing she is able to assist with figures, estimate taxes, closing costs, and much more to give my clients confidence and help with questions regarding those fees and processes. Mary Chrestman, is often the first point of contact and she provides a welcoming voice and helpful attitude and perfectly rounds out the premium service my clients expect. Title problems are never a fun thing to deal with, however it is common and you want to know you have the right team working for you. In addition the staff at Realty Title prove time and again their commitment to the industry and clients but also our community by volunteering at events and making donations to various fundraisers throughout the year.

Laura Gaither

C-L Bartlett

I love Tiffany Ross and Richard Johnson! They are always on top of things! Very quick to answer questions and help with closing a sale!

Holly Mount

C-L Arlington

I do appreciate the way Zoe, converses with my clients at the closing table. She talk's to them in a way that let's them know that she cares.

Beulah Daniel

C-L Quail Hollow


Cheryl Lamghari

C-L Cordova

Always a pleasure to have them close. Very professional and caring staff.

Kay Strawn

C-L Quail Hollow

Realty Title Bren Olswanger has been a tremendous help to me personally and most definitely for my clients . He is always professional. I might add the entire Quail Hollow staff has been diligent and courteous to all my clients and they have always gotten the job done.

Carolyn Randolph

C-L Hickory Ridge

I have been using Realty Title for 17 years and I am never disappointed!! I know my clients will be taken care of and the job gets done on time!! Its nice to know there is a Title Company that goes above and beyond every time!! Keep up the good work!! I use Sean Collins, Bethany Hesser and Laura Imler All amazing!!!

Sherry Hulen

C-L Germantown - Poplar

Deanna and Bethany of Realty Title are efficient, knowledgeable and always available. I love having them in the office to answer questions and help me with any closing challenge that may come my way. I have found them to be an incredible resource and I am so fortunate to have them be a part of my winning team!

Lisa Harris

C-L Germantown - Poplar

I worked with. Bethany Hesser and Deanna in the Germantown office. They always go beyond the call of duty to close on time. The last closing had not one but two managers at the lender's office to straighten the HUD out. The bank changed it 4 times before the noon closing! They always close on time and always come in closing smiling no matter the hours it took to get there! Bethany also takes as much time as needed to explain the paperwork to my clients. Love those two women!

Donna Northcutt

C-L Germantown - Poplar

My clients & I have always been completely satisfied with the professional level of service. Working with us from start to finish with no questions unanswered. Sean Collins & his team are one of my Top Resources. Congrads on 30 years in business!

Kim Novarese

C-L Germantown - Forest Hill Irene

I had my first closing with Realty Title in December of 2014 and they did a wonderful job! This particular closing had some rather challenging issues and Nancy Patterson and Kathy Jenkins did a fantastic job of working through all of them and getting us to closing on the date we set. Both of them were excellent about keeping in touch with everyone involved, making sure we had all the things we needed so we could stay on schedule. I will definitely be using them for more closings to come and have one set with them already for my next deal!!

Lauren Catlin

C-L Jackson/Flowood

As a brand new agent in 2014,I had a lot of firsts. First showings, first offers, and my first closing. Trusting Realty Title Hernando with my first closing was easy to do because of their reputation of quality customer service. I was not disappointed. From start to finish, Donna and Theresa were great. They answered all my questions no matter how simple or complex. Knowing it was my first closing, Donna called me to walk me through the HUD-1 so I would clearly understand the transaction. She made me feel like I was the only agent she had with a closing that day and that, in my opinion, is quality customer service. Whenever I can I refer to Realty Title Hernando. They are the BEST!

Christy Webster

C-L Olive Branch

We use Realty Title in Olive Branch, MS. Richard Johnson and his staff go the extra mile. They are always willing to accommodate us as realtors and our clients. We had one client that developed health problems while waiting to close on his home and he became home bound. Richard Johnson went to the clients home and did the closing. We love this office and recommend them to everyone we know. In our eyes they are #1. Thanks for the great job.

Greg & Dianna McCutcheon

C-L Southaven

I am a new agent but I have closed every deal at Realty Title because Richard makes my clients feel so comfortable whether we are closing on a 250,000.00 dollar house or a 39,000.00 mobile home. He treats them all with the same dignity and respect they deserve. I even had a very trusting country gentleman wire the money before he came in to sign the contract on a cash offer but Richard kept his cool and treated him like he had just purchased a million dollar home! I appreciate Richard's professionalism and just Great People skills.

Stephanie Herrada

C-L Olive Branch

My closings go smooth every time! Tiffany Ross, my Realty Title Coordinator makes sure that I, my assistant, and (most importantly) the clients are kept in the loop throughout the transaction. Then Richard Johnson, our atty, makes sure that the clients have a good understanding of all that is going on at the closing table. The level of professionalism and care is second to none. I give them all of my business!

Tracy Kirkley

C-L Olive Branch

I love Tiffany Ross and Richard Johnson! They are always on top of things! Very quick to answer questions and help with closing a sale!

Amy Patterson

C-L Olive Branch

I miss calculated on the net proceeds sheet to my seller and Tiffany Ross helped me rework it and saved the day. She is extremely helpful as this was first year in real estate and I had a ton of STUPID questions. Tiffany never lost her patients with me and always has a big SMILE on her face and never acts aggravated no matter how many times I go to her for advice and questions. TIFFANY ROSS ROCKS!! the entire OB Realty Title office does. They are very helpful and great with the clients!

Stephanie Herrada

C-L Olive Branch

The staff at Realty Title is knowledgeable, dependable and professional in the closing process for my clients. They make this experience a great one.

Evelyn Isbell

C-L Olive Branch

Hard to choose which ONE when there is several to choose from...however, I always have a good experience working with Matt McDonald or Zoe Harrison (Marshall??). I closed a local TV celebrity who commented at the closing of his new purchase how more professional Realty Title was compared to the previous recent closing he had in selling his former home. Zoe and Matt and their team at the Quail Hollow office always go above and beyond in taking care of our clients. It is much appreciated!

Jimmie Tapley

C-L - QH

With Realty Title as my Go To Title Company, I know they have impressed my clients an a big way. I have had some difficult ones in the 17 years I have been a Realtor! The convenience of having an attorney to answer the tough questions is amazing! The staff at our location in Smyrna, Aisha Hall and Tonja Cox rock!! And I also have to give a shout out to our previous closer Paige Mayercik; whom I am sure the Cookeville Office is loving! They all work very hard to make sure our closings go off without a hiccup and that is why I continue to choose Realty Title as my preferred title company!!!

Barbara McGee

C-L - Smyrna

I have been using Realty Title now for just over 4 years! They have always provided exceptional service for my clients. Realty Title Downtown Chattanooga is my top choice for closings when my clients and I start negotiating contracts! I look forward to closing several more this year!!!

Mac Hibbett

C-L Downtown (CHATT)

We closed 2 loans this week at the Realty Title Cloumbia, TN office & I was amazed how Professional & Patience the staff handled our difficult & complicated situation caused by a disorganized unprofessional mortgage company staff. Thank you Realty Title in Cloumbia!

A. G Rodriguez

Faith Farm

I have used Realty Title as my preferred title company for the last 2 years and they have always provided top notch service as well as went above and beyond to try to accommodate my clients. They went so far as to drive to a clients home who had an ice accident and broke her arm on the day of closing to help her close on the purchase of her home in the privacy and comfort of her own home.

Terry Carter

C-L Downtown (CHATT)

A Huge Thank You to Richard Johnson, Karen Cook and Tiffany Ross (Realty title olive Branch) who have gone the extra mile to keep my clients up to date and in the loop even during the snow days when everyone else is off work!

Vicki Blackwell

C-L Smyrna

Realty Title did a great job for me in the month of January because I had 6 sides to close and they helped to keep me straight and on target.

Cindy Perling

C-L Green Hills

I had some buyers who bought a foreclosure inside the city of Memphis. These were first time home buyers and it was a substantial portion of their life savings. Realty Title was able to complete the transaction right on time and was able to answer all of their questions thoroughly. In fact, Realty Title answered a few of their follow up questions months later. Their execution and professionalism was fantastic on this transaction. I was very impressed with the level of detail and professionalism they provided, even though this was not an expensive home. At the end of the closing, my clients asked me to take a picture of them outside the Realty Title building, they were so proud to be called homeowners. I highly recommend them...their knowledge and business acumen are unsurpassed.

Tyler Tapley

C-L Quail Hollow

As we all know REO properties are a real challenge to close. Over the years Realty Title has come through for me many times to make a difficult time seem flawless .I cannot thank them enough!!!!

Marty Quinn

C-L Ooltewah

I have recommended Realty Title to my clients for more than 15 years. We have always received consistent service delivery no matter which Realty Title office performs the closing. From Cordova, Bartlett, Quail Hollow, Olive Branch, Southaven and Hernando; with Realty Title you never need to change your expectations for exceptional service.

C. F. Moore

C-L Southaven

Best Lawyer in town!!! Does my personal & business transactions.Her attention to detail is incredable.

Mike Hammond

C-L Huntsville

My very first closing as a new agent was delayed due to weather, then hiccups with banks and miscommunication between agents continued to make the closing seem impossible. as a new agent i of couse was terrified, but luckily I had Realty Title on my side... The ladies there went so far above and beyond the call of duty to help and guide me through this experience. Holding my hand every step of the way we finally got it done! I am so blessed to have them so close and would choose to use Realty Title for every closing if I could!!! LOVE YOU GALS!

Jessee Graham

C-L Columbia

I had a listing in Georgia that involved a life-time estate with extenuating circumstances. The couple had one child together...other children from previous marriages (total of 10) all living in various parts of the United States. Closing dates were changed, several different attorneys on both sides were involved...Robert and his valued co-workers in his office worked diligently to work the deal out. We did close the property with everyone being happy. I appreciate the time and effort Robert and his office put into this closing. I feel they went above and beyond the normal duties of a title company to secure the closing.

Elaine Cross

C-L N. Georgia

As a newer agent I was looking for someone patient, reliable, and helpful to be my designated closing agent while I learned the ropes. I found that person in Paige Mayercik. She helped my husband and I close on a couple of deals while she was in the Smyrna office and I deemed her my go to. Well, several months later I sent her a contract and she informed me that she had moved to the Cookeville location. I had no idea and I was so bummed out. She immediately volunteered to drive all the way to Hermitage to close for me. That closing ended up having some unforeseen issues the day after closing that had been missed during numerous closings prior. She worked incredibly hard to resolve the problem and did a wonderful job keeping me informed of what was happening since this was all new to me. She got the problem resolved within a day and I never even had to tell my client. She always gets back to me quickly, even when I bug her 5 times a week. She has really been the glue keepin! g my business together as I learn. As long as she is willing to drive to Nashville for my closings, she will be the one. Thank you, Paige. You are AWESOME and appreciated!

Desha Johnson

C-L Smyrna

I am just thrilled and impressed at the outstanding customer service and professionalism that Attorney Bren Olswanger and his staff always displays. I have had issues that have arisen at the last minute or prior to a closing and Realty Title has assured me that the issue will be taken care of and not to worry. That is exactly what happened there has always been a solution and it was always handled with professionalism. To put the icing on the cake I had a seller that drove in from Missouri on a Saturday for a closing that Atty. Matt McDonald came in to close for this seller. I must say this was above and beyond the call of duty. Hats off to Realty Title for always being there and helping to make me as a Crye-Leike agent look really good!

Frances Anderson

C-L Hickory Ridge

Realty Title provides consistent superior service. As a Realtor for many years I have been involved with the transactions that have been more complex with the shifting economy. The title services Industry has experienced the same scale of difficulty. We have all pulled together and made it into a learning curve(Successfully). I have entrusted Realty Title with my business from foreclosures, short-sales, property transfers and the most common for me--Residential and Commercial Sales. Realty title has valued each person with loyalty, sincerity, and compassion. If it were a short-sale or a everyday Residential Sale, from across the table everyone is treated the same with Professionalism. Realty title has always shown me gratitude and respect for any business that I have provided for my clients. Realty Title furnishes my clients with prompt accurate well qualified/superior level of service which exemplifies Professionalism. An enormous and gratifying THANK YOU goes out to: Amanda, Marlyn, Gloria, Judy, Christina, and Pat J. at the Hixson location for ensuring me a successful closing each and every-time.

Louise Cowart

C-L Hixson

Thank you for the effort, patience, and kindness . . . It is people like you who make people like me want to do business with Realty Title.

Diane T.

Agent -

I don't know how I would have come out of [the closing process] sane without you.

Catherine R.

Client -

It has always been a pleasure working with you, and you guys always go above & beyond for us.

Shelly C.

Lender -

Coordinating the various elements and documents, they managed to make a potentially stressful move a seamless experience . . . [They] provided us exemplary service by being sensitive to our time constraints and accelerated closings, all the while maintaining a positive professional attitude.

Naomi S.

Client -

Bethany, thanks to you and Linda and Marilyn for all your support. You now have a client for life . . .

Ann Maree M.

Agent -

Ms. Rogers was extremely professional and courteous . . . and is to be commended for her abilities and expertise in a very demanding and stressful type environment.

Robert C.

Client '

Thank you! You were awesome.

Lauren J.

Agent '

Laura, you made this closing go so smooth . . . as you always do! The buyers are so happy and commented several times how different it was from a nightmare closing with another company they recently had. Great job!!

Michele H.

Agent '

Glen, Peggy just brought me our copy of the Deed of Trust that only had 'Husband' following the Hines' names and not the standard 'Husband and wife.' I told her that you were really good about catching stuff like that and we went on the website to view the recorded copy and you had corrected it. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Mary Walton A.

Lender '

Just want you to know that you are VERY appreciated as I had a closing yesterday with another office here in Memphis at the buyers' request and it was one of the worst closings ever. Love my Susie and crew!!!!

Karen T.

Agent '

My closing was one of the most professional closings that I have had in a long time. Please let Mike know.

Anita B.

Agent '

An agent walked in to my office late yesterday to let me know how much she and her clients enjoyed their closing with Lyle. She had first time buyers and they apparently were very nervous for their first closing, but she said Lyle was so gracious and so thorough that they enjoyed every aspect of it.

Lanny F.

Broker '

I want to let you know how efficient, pleasant, diligent, and persistent three of your employees are. Laura, Pat, and Trica made what was a difficult closing on my house a positive experience. All three exemplified the kind of customer service that clients expect but so often do not get.

Diane T.

Client '

My newest investor said that he had used the same attorney for fifteen years. However, since he was leaving town Friday and had to close quickly during his lunch hour, he agreed to use Realty Title for 'just this one closing.' After the closing, he and his wife both remarked about how efficient, friendly and personable the staff was. Today, I re-sold this property and he REQUESTED that I use Realty Title again and for all his future closings.

Katy B.

Lender '

It is people like you who make people like me want to do business with Realty Title.

Kathy R.

Agent '

It is people like you who make people like me want to do business with Realty Title.

Diane T.

Client -

As outstanding as Realty Title service always is, I must tell you what Laura did for me. After our closing failed to close late one Friday, she invited me and my family to her house to close on a Sunday! A true friend and what an amazing story of Realty Title service commitment

Cheryl L.

Agent/Client -

Your closing staff in Cordova is efficient, pleasant, diligent, and persistent. They all exemplified the kind of customer service that clients expect but so often do not get. You are fortunate to have these ladies representing your company.

Diane T.

Client -

When our agent returned to the office, she told me and everyone else that the closing was the best closing she had had in the 21 years she has been doing business. She was, overall, just very happy.

Katy B.

Lender -

Realty Title ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle A.

Agent -

You can rest assured that Realty Title is being represented extremely well in the Bartlett office just as you are by Laura in the Cordova office.

Rita H.

Agent -

I will assure you that I will never use any other Title company due to the people and the special service that Realty Title provides. I feel all of our agents, affiliates, and divisions can learn from their example.


Agent -

Ellen made me and my clients feel like royalty and that we were the most important people in the world.

Tommie C.

Agent -

Linda and Marilyn are dreams to work with and are sooooo accommodating that I feel like I work with Realty Title. They compliment my efforts to provide end-to-end total service for our clients.

Jack G.

Agent -

I thought I was very satisfied with the service I was getting from my previous attorney and was slow to change, but I am so glad I took the chance.

Nancy C.

Agent -

Please know that I am grateful, and will (and you know I mean it) NEVER forget what help your staff was to me.

Bill M.

Agent -

Holy Smokes! That was fast. Thank you, Donna. I wish all the title companies on my transactions were as efficient as you are.

June E.

Lender -

We love closing at Realty Title. The professionalism and accuracy is SO wonderful and we are always so happy when we find out your office is the chosen closing agent!


Jill - Seller Closed with RT - Brentwood -



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